Lil Yachty, DaBaby - Oprah's Bank Account (Visualizer) ft. Drake
Music video by Lil Yachty, DaBaby performing Oprah's Bank Account (Visualizer). © 2020 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • Dancehall Yard
    Dancehall Yard

    One of the biggest Battyman Inna the business, suk u ma

  • Kaleah W
    Kaleah W

    Shoutout to the lady who helped him put on those panty hose at the end 🤣🤣🤣

  • Shirzaad413

    They mad mad mad

  • Fyp_quez Wooten
    Fyp_quez Wooten

    Yooooooooo let’s GO

  • RickJean144

    His father must be proud 🥲😂

  • Hech Tey
    Hech Tey


  • A MeMmMMMk
    A MeMmMMMk

    I’m Obama

  • B K
    B K

    This is another slow boring song that has the same type of beat and its amazing how mnaybyoing people dont realize that.

  • Naim R
    Naim R

    Feeling like 2016

  • Mr. Wingo
    Mr. Wingo

    Wesley Snipes

  • Roberts Lexi
    Roberts Lexi


  • triston bartlett
    triston bartlett

    DaBaby verse is the best lll

  • Jesse Gallegos
    Jesse Gallegos

    Drake killed it tho

  • Lolita Muldrew
    Lolita Muldrew

    The gay mafia/record labels ain’t no joke u be thinking that having the money,cars,clothes and hoes where is at don’t be fooled this was definitely a sign

    • Chrisss Jaay!!
      Chrisss Jaay!!

      They not hearing you doe

  • vannesa


  • Angelo Touma 2009
    Angelo Touma 2009

    Lil Yachty - Oprah Bank Account (feat. Drake & DaBaby (Official Music Video)

  • Freshking k
    Freshking k

    Stop sleeping on lil boat

  • Goodluck Goodluck
    Goodluck Goodluck

    Believe me there still Good people among bad peoples he the one ☝️ I love ❤️ him

  • Keir Beer
    Keir Beer

    Boats music cures depression

  • Ice Richie
    Ice Richie

    The part when lil yachty says "Orphas bank account" is just fire

  • Sara Pereira
    Sara Pereira


  • WeirdWhiteDog

    Instant classic

  • The LayLay Channel
    The LayLay Channel

    Honestly he kinda acts like a girl when shes getting her hair done😂

  • Bellé Camui
    Bellé Camui

    I knew at least one of Yachty's staff would have colorful hair

  • Ryan Wilson
    Ryan Wilson

    Wait does lil boat have 3 iPhone 11 Maxes and A Lg Dual Screen

  • Krystian Murlak
    Krystian Murlak

    It's the best track

  • Jarolyn Pierce
    Jarolyn Pierce

    I need more Oprah Yachtyyy 😂😂😂😂

  • Rashaud Blair
    Rashaud Blair

    don’t mind this comment I’m pretend like I’m texting someone

  • Tshiamo Mothiba
    Tshiamo Mothiba

    He looks good in the outfits

  • Billy Jean
    Billy Jean

    Why they putting So much make up on. ? He’s already black


    Sad song 😁😂🤣 Lillllllllllll Boat !!🙉🙉🙈

  • Brian P. Rojas
    Brian P. Rojas

    LG taking their money back after seeing not one but two Iphones

  • Anthony Glover
    Anthony Glover

    How did they make his legs skinny like that...?

  • Vaughn Alexander
    Vaughn Alexander

    Music Video producer: So Yachty, you want the typical rap vid with cash, cars and big booty hoes? Yachty: Lets do Oprah. Music video producer: Oprah? She's not gonna shoot your video.. Yachty: Here hold my man purse

  • Batman's Batarang
    Batman's Batarang

    Baby girl what's up with your mouth? 👄

  • Dellmora Farhandy
    Dellmora Farhandy

    Yachty be havin 3 iphones while promoting a samsung phone

  • S.

    Yachty spirit looks broken!

  • こんにちは

    Why is no one talking about how Yatchy had like three phones at the same time

    • mrjt

      Not that unusual. One is probably private, the other for business and a third for public social media.

    • Sucessful Whitfield
      Sucessful Whitfield

      ong bro

    • Louis Garcia #33
      Louis Garcia #33

      Business,conversation, & relation

    • Shanelle Warner
      Shanelle Warner

      😂😂😂 right I just was about to comment that and that song that came to mind was that Kevin Gate song I got 2 phones well more like 3 phones

    • Sean Moran
      Sean Moran

      Man he keeps like 10 phones cause hes never really home

  • Xander T Saint
    Xander T Saint

    just got on the ellen show bro nice idea

  • Xander T Saint
    Xander T Saint

    i love boat ...but hes going to have to ACTUALLY work to get oprah money so.....

  • Miguel Fuentes
    Miguel Fuentes

    Has anyone noticed that oil boat has two iphones

  • Lachlan Peacock
    Lachlan Peacock

    One of the best music videos I’ve ever seen (entertainment wise, obviously not a super incredible visual or anything)

  • Daen de Wet
    Daen de Wet

    LET'S GO!

  • John Spicer
    John Spicer

    Lmao he texted on 3 or 4 phones in this

  • Jason Bryant
    Jason Bryant

    I think this gay I would never dress as no damn women. Not even for a music video

  • manii

    Casually flexs five iphone 11s 😂

  • Independent female I got this
    Independent female I got this

    When u look good like Oprah’s bank account and a dude will still cheat with a chick that look a chick on welfare lol. That’s why I’ll stay alone and get my bank account right dummies chase dudes ima chase the bag

  • Idk_ man599
    Idk_ man599

    Yatchy where’s the LG at?

  • ツgordon


  • Patrick Kariuki
    Patrick Kariuki

    This song is okay and lovely 😁😁

  • TheReal MadMax
    TheReal MadMax

    Give anybody millions to dress up like Oprah and yeah sure they'll cross dress for a day. Drake and yaghty's producers are definetly huffing mainstream ass on this one

  • noah joebobby
    noah joebobby

    ngl lil yatchy do be lookin fresh

  • RPYT'SWorld

    Damn how many phones he got?

  • Shawn Gonzalez
    Shawn Gonzalez

    Da baby’s verses are always the same

  • vxntino- Plaizz
    vxntino- Plaizz

    They guy got phones

  • legoflamb504

    Garbage - auto tune is horrible. No rapping just awful singing. All beats sound the same.

  • unknown 420
    unknown 420


  • Willie Whitaker
    Willie Whitaker

    Yachty doing his thing big up’s home team....

  • Graba

    what is he writing? comment WRONG ANSWERS ONLY

  • Aint Broke
    Aint Broke

    How is no one talking about how fire Dababy verse was so motherfucking 👿👿👿Fire brooooo¡!¡!¡¡

  • Steez Harvey
    Steez Harvey

    This beats goes off, I swear 😤🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Enrique Rodriguez
    Enrique Rodriguez

    Drake ruins most good songs

  • K!ngLamar

    Idk how he’s alive with that diet of his

  • Forever Alone
    Forever Alone

    Did he do a crossword puzzle 🤣

  • Diana Laura
    Diana Laura

    Anyone here after bad bunny yo perreo sola

  • Swun Flawa
    Swun Flawa

    He shouldn't have said fuck u in your momma house, I like the song, but now I can't play it out loud

  • Jennifer C
    Jennifer C

    Oprah’s got some competition

  • SirPopsAlot Coppock
    SirPopsAlot Coppock

    Aye my dad taught me to love them all ...those makeup artist look good fr

  • kays parcha
    kays parcha


  • Cube

    Double iphone

  • Queen CheyChey
    Queen CheyChey

    Love it!!!!

  • First Last
    First Last

    ALgone getting mad comfortable hitting me with 20+ seconds unskippable ads.

  • nws void
    nws void

    Welp he's wearing a dress I think we all know what that means

  • Kahpone Bone Ruthless Records MO Thugs
    Kahpone Bone Ruthless Records MO Thugs

    The Illuminati got his ass now

  • Bobby Dolman
    Bobby Dolman

    Baby killin it

  • Bobby Dolman
    Bobby Dolman

    Why so low views?

  • Ayman Assidah Elanizi
    Ayman Assidah Elanizi

    Yatchy has six iPhones and me with an Alcatel from the eighties.🙄😂

  • jaxaishi

    dude really got two phones

  • Clay_matic

    bro anyone realize yatchy got two iphone 11 pro max's?

  • I’m With The Science Team
    I’m With The Science Team

    They milking this

  • ZT_Yaaboi

    He looking like he was enjoying looking like a sissy boy 😂

  • Djekens Dj Dumerant
    Djekens Dj Dumerant

    Producers: How bad do you wanna look like Oprah? Lil Yachty: YES! Producers: Ok that will take the whole video. 😳😑

  • retro b
    retro b


  • Mour

    Huh how many Yatchty got? lol

  • Yae Hunch00
    Yae Hunch00

    Let DESE NEW RAPPERS GET DEY SHINE Dese young old ass rappers washed tf up

  • Lost Nnotfound
    Lost Nnotfound

    Not even da baby and drake could get this wack ass song over 2million views.

  • Slickz YT
    Slickz YT

    Now what did he gain from that🤣

  • Anonymous

    Dababy ruins this tbh

  • Evan Veale
    Evan Veale


  • Gavin Bacon
    Gavin Bacon

    Anyone catch that jerryrig everything iPhone 11 case??🤷🏽‍♂️🤣


    if someone ugly just say "you look as good s yachty's bank account".....

  • Tea

    Why tf he have 2 cellphones

  • Nick Chan
    Nick Chan

    Taylor swift becomes a man. Now Yachty becomes a women.

  • ak BLACK Danger
    ak BLACK Danger


  • thedr3ykid 1400
    thedr3ykid 1400

    Damn he be owning 2 of the same phones bruh👀

  • SSMe _
    SSMe _

    It's weird he barely talks during the whole process. He just looks depressed like he didn't want to do this.

  • murder slayer
    murder slayer


  • Gerrod Richardson
    Gerrod Richardson

    He looks miserable

  • Ouno


  • Jjb Strong
    Jjb Strong

    I love the beat more than the actual song 😂😂