Lil Yachty Feat. Kodak Black - Hit Bout It (Official Video)
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Lil Yachty Feat. Kodak Black ""Hit Bout It"" Lyrics
[Lil Yachty]
Woke up feelin shiesty
Gimmie Dat pussy nicely
100 thousand on a ice piece
Finna fuck a pisces
50 hoes wanna be wifey
That’s just too unlikely
Pull up 6 deep just like the isleys
Pick ya next move wisely
They say talk is cheap but fuck that
My convo pricey
200 racks in side that shoe box bitch it ain’t no nikes
She think I’m finna trick I told her don’t get too excited
Nigga touch one hair on my head them boys inciting riots
I fuck her from the back and grip her neck she can’t keep quiet
This big bad hood u said u from lookin might quiet
I only eat my main bitch pussy I’m on strict diet
My shooter lookin like a center homie 6’5
Could Kill me once could even kill me twice
Shit I got six lives
I’m thinkin movin to Africa to marry 6 wife’s
I’m in New York we still several pole and seven big knives
Might take his life for tellin several lies
cant let shit fly
Cus is we do he’ll tell the next guy
And then it’s all bad
Who said he could come around dis side wit out a hall pass
I used to tweak postin 4’s a wock in side s wine glass
These niggas burnt tryna pop xans for a bypass
I’m see u niggas every single time like a eyelash
This bitch said she like athletes I walked in with them thigh pads
I’m paranoid I can’t hang out for long bitch ima nomad
Christmas I had bought all steppers brand new door mats
Inside the whip bright orange like the Lorax
I’m built tough was made to be outside just like gortex
I should make a song about Ferrari’s
Ion do vetts
My brother need a new tech
My mama wanna new pet
This niggas flip flop like every week they in a new set
I know these niggas hate me cuz i run like a nuisance
Too fly over niggas heads like a air vent
Where I’m from it’s one way in and out like a camp tent
[Kodak Black]
Put a convertible on the block it look like lamborghini
put a convertible on the glock it look like lamborghini
i just told lil baby to bop before my girl see me
Spend that lil stack, get niggaz whacked
You better not look for pinky
in & out the trap where i stay but i aint one sleepin
I'm toatin a Sk for no reason all my ops are dead
i got rubies on my teeth and plus my molly is red
ima drop his ass soon as I see him it aint no discussion
told her it aint nothin to get a bussdown if that pussy bussin
all a sudden bitches love me cuz im gettin money
Imma punish any nigga decide to stand in front of
i was spendin bands before it was a trend from the ugly
Always got revenge if i aint get my man i got his cuzzin
they know i made my wood work hop out with a Oak
haters poppin out the woodwork but they wanna prope
im talkin straight gas n**** i want all the smoke
i just told lil yachty to scoot over lemme drive the boat
AR with the scope? Cause the cartier on this side
you got a n**** yoke you dont like it we can hit bout it
we can hit bout it yaaa we can hit bout it
hittin the missionary she start yellin, tell her be quiet
I'm with lil yachty, we got twin raris
we dont fuck with n***** , you dont like it
we can hit bout it we can hit bout it yaaa we can hit bout it
i aint passin my reefer you dont like it we can hit bout it
we can hit bout it yaaa we can hit bout
i aint doin no features you dont like it we can hit bout it
#LilYachty #KodakBlack #HitBoutIt

  • antonio guzman
    antonio guzman

    lemme drive da boat.

  • KD Kev
    KD Kev

    If you’ve been to cali/ la you know the way yachty is like the la rappers they talk but rap and say some fun shit.

  • Gherbo White
    Gherbo White

    Lil yachty was snapping and Kodak Black i got this song stuck in my head ong 😂😂

  • howugo

    kodak saved the song

    • fxorce


  • howugo

    kodak saved the song

  • jose anguiano
    jose anguiano

    Good job everyone 😀 I'm very proud of you 😀 keep up the good work 😀

  • 3T Avto
    3T Avto

    Kodak Clone too Smooth bro 😎 it Feel softer Listening 👂 Too

  • Re Ferectson
    Re Ferectson

    The guy=Yachty

  • x Rinnegan
    x Rinnegan

    Y’all shoulda put gucci mane in this toooooooooo

  • Virginia Alvarado Music
    Virginia Alvarado Music

    Literally 99% of people ignore this message: “God save you and your family from all sickness ❤️ Amen 🙏

  • R. R
    R. R

    I wish i had kodak kinda hair lmao shit lit

  • Stormz Bust
    Stormz Bust

    Yachty carried

  • Pheee Cheekie
    Pheee Cheekie

    This shit sound crazy but I like the intro

  • varix btw
    varix btw

    “ i jus told lil yatchly move over let drive the boat “ 😭🔥

  • dan monastyrov
    dan monastyrov

    "I hyhaheh emenybdudub"... bitch this song fire

  • Brandon Sparkman
    Brandon Sparkman

    Kodak fucked up the song. Keep it REAL...

    • KING TC
      KING TC

      nah u trippin kodak went off yatchty the one who fucked up

  • Paris

    2:56 papa jim would not like this “drive the boat”

  • Matt

    What Ferrari is that?

  • Mystix_FN

    nice mumble rap and btw i already know ur going to call me a fortnite kid also yachty sounds bored as hell

  • Shaun

    Kodak’s verse sounds like a deaf guy screaming for some reason shit is heat tho

  • Frederico A
    Frederico A

    #WECANHITBOUTIT kodak WENT crazyyy

  • Michael Chandler
    Michael Chandler

    What am Iistening to? Really and this is good music to yall

  • SadVibes72

    Beats harddddd

  • Tommy Seidel
    Tommy Seidel

    This is where Lil Yachty belongs🙏🙏🙏

  • Elijah Lopez
    Elijah Lopez

    Who produced it?

  • black wolf
    black wolf

    This shit had as fuck

  • Official Nik The King
    Official Nik The King

    Y'ALL check out my music videos!

  • Hotline


  • Hotline


  • Crabbiesam

    So hard✊

  • Blackwood 7
    Blackwood 7

    Kodak crazyyyy


    “1 week ago” also the vid “7.8 mill views” Kodak is back!🔥💯 this had me remembering clap a n*ggs like Patta cake

  • Chef Fonz
    Chef Fonz


  • DJ lovesu
    DJ lovesu

    2:20 him in 4k

  • Ced Merritt
    Ced Merritt

    Clown we’re ? YAK 🎯back you see him spazzing at the end

  • Dylan Wilbert
    Dylan Wilbert

    That meth eating project baby up

  • Stewie

    It’s sounds good at .75x speed

  • Josh Agustin
    Josh Agustin

    That don't even sound like Kodak

    • Josh Agustin
      Josh Agustin

      Cmon Lil yachty?? Where Sniper Gang??

    • Josh Agustin
      Josh Agustin

      @Trilly Nomics yeah all of a sudden he acting friendly and showing LIL YACHTY his mom when he NEVER did!! Or showed her face

    • Trilly Nomics
      Trilly Nomics

      Has Kodak ever been that talkative?? If you look at his interviews he was always quiet 🤔

    • Josh Agustin
      Josh Agustin

      @Trilly Nomics he sound weird asf!! It ain't kodak, and he be acting strange lately!

    • Trilly Nomics
      Trilly Nomics

      Deadass💯💯 how can niggas not hear the difference?

  • Two Socks
    Two Socks

    Kodak is boosie now lol

  • Deshawnna Nooks
    Deshawnna Nooks

    This hard but I'm on my mom's phone

  • War P
    War P

    Shit hard

  • Didymus Kilpatrick
    Didymus Kilpatrick

    "To fly, over n****s head like an air vent".

  • Tim VEVO
    Tim VEVO

    This is trash 😂😂😂

    • black wolf
      black wolf

      You Fried

  • Tyler-Z-Warrior


  • Me Most known unknown
    Me Most known unknown


  • d will
    d will


  • Francois Beavertree
    Francois Beavertree

    energy never dies love my guys

  • Adum Ligess
    Adum Ligess


  • xavier meno
    xavier meno

    kodak dont even sound the same

    • Samsung TV #3
      Samsung TV #3

      He a clone like Gucci

  • Roméo Raymond
    Roméo Raymond

  • Raging Itachi
    Raging Itachi

    Told Lil yachty to scoot over let me drive da boat 🥶🎯🔥

  • Deadliest_V2

    Yachtys flow and verse is absolute trash holy 💩! Hope no one here for yachty! Big yikes for me

    • Just Arrow
      Just Arrow

      j cole liked it along side chief keef you trippin...

  • Artyxmcfly

    Mil in a week goat shit

  • Ganja Mon
    Ganja Mon

    Feelin the Detroit vibes.. salute from windsor Canada and the D

  • Tommy Fobert
    Tommy Fobert

    Yo Yachty, wtf is up with u bro. It sounds like u deadass don't wanna record

    • Tommy Fobert
      Tommy Fobert

      Take some time off to find ur original sound... this ain't it smh. I used to look up to u

  • GVOMusic Promotion
    GVOMusic Promotion

    Make a version with just Kodak please 🙏🏾

  • Dominic Schmidt
    Dominic Schmidt

    Wow that is Pure Trash

  • Baddie Can
    Baddie Can

    This bihhhhhhhh hard💯💯💯❌❌❌❌

  • brace face mir
    brace face mir

    This go hard

  • Pexel

    Who ever did the visuals must be on acid

  • Speedy


  • Wiz Tygah
    Wiz Tygah

    Still the Freshmen cyphers and still rockin in 2021🔥



  • K A
    K A

    Scally Milano flow лол

  • jesse orozco-abarca
    jesse orozco-abarca


  • Scoonie Zac
    Scoonie Zac

    Kodak talked to Yachty like a little brother

  • Jamari Mallory
    Jamari Mallory

    Clone dat don't sound like kodak he raps better bruhhh

  • missing kelp9
    missing kelp9

    The real kodak black in jail still

  • samet besler
    samet besler

    Fiki fikiii

  • samet besler
    samet besler

    Emrah dover sizi

  • E Bell
    E Bell

    Yak WENT DUMB DUMB wit it....bitches love me cuz I'm gettin money 💰, ima punish ANY nigga decide to stand in front me.. 💪

  • Rue FriSCO
    Rue FriSCO

    Did y’all see Kodak’s dress shoes?? I don’t think y’all saw that, now that’s swag.

  • Rue FriSCO
    Rue FriSCO


  • Rue FriSCO
    Rue FriSCO

    I have 0 doubts/insecurities/fears/negativity/anger/pain/hate/regression I AM THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME NR

  • Rue FriSCO
    Rue FriSCO


  • Swish Leisure
    Swish Leisure

  • twann

    hopefully tiktok doesn't take over this song

  • Owl city
    Owl city

    I ain't passing my reefa if a nigga don't like it we hit bout it yeah we can hit bout it

  • derrick null88
    derrick null88

    No he is the got

  • Ovolox

    when the song dont match the music video

  • consuela green
    consuela green


  • Glockboy26

    I skip lil yachty part everytime

  • Manny M
    Manny M

    kodak sounding and looking like boosie

  • iLLimitable Recordings
    iLLimitable Recordings

    Yachty revamp comin ☝️ heard it here 1st

  • Charles Allen
    Charles Allen

    "I aint do no features" -feat. kodak black

  • Ashton Forman
    Ashton Forman

    That beat hard asl🔥🔥🔥

  • Jaylen Gaines
    Jaylen Gaines


  • Konrad Niewiadomski
    Konrad Niewiadomski

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    • Kevin Keegan
      Kevin Keegan

      Doing Gods work , appreciate it bruh 🔥❤️

  • Itzbigx

    Yachty 🤯🔥

  • Cratos Sama
    Cratos Sama

    Yachty is actually fire but he needs to change his delivery he's 2 low pitched u can barely hear him

    • Cratos Sama
      Cratos Sama

      @Guap Zoeja thanks I juss disliked it bro

    • Guap Zoeja
      Guap Zoeja

  • Michael Gilmore
    Michael Gilmore

    Kodak is LEGEND in South Florida

    • Guap Zoeja
      Guap Zoeja

  • Jonny Robin
    Jonny Robin


    • Guap Zoeja
      Guap Zoeja

  • Carson Knoch
    Carson Knoch

    So glad boat never listened to the people saying he fell off always been so unique hopefully he stays to it and keep growing

    • Guap Zoeja
      Guap Zoeja

  • Anita Robinson
    Anita Robinson

    after my mom started playing this in the car i started liking it

    • Guap Zoeja
      Guap Zoeja

  • Jimbo Slice
    Jimbo Slice

    Bro this shit sounds like some pissed off teenagers mad at they momma for not letting em go to the skating rink I swear

    • Guap Zoeja
      Guap Zoeja

  • Jimbo Slice
    Jimbo Slice

    I just spent 3:58 seconds listening to yachty trying to find the beat

  • Nana Yaa Isabelle
    Nana Yaa Isabelle

    Kodak goes hard 🔥🖤

    • Guap Zoeja
      Guap Zoeja

  • Rue FriSCO
    Rue FriSCO

    Woke up feeling sheisty. Princess talk to me nicely

  • Dalea Kamberling
    Dalea Kamberling

    Damn yahty trash

    • Guap Zoeja
      Guap Zoeja

  • Harold Poter
    Harold Poter


    • Guap Zoeja
      Guap Zoeja

Faqja Tjeter