Lil Yachty, Tierra Whack - T.D (Visualizer) ft. A$AP Rocky, Tyler, The Creator
Music video by Lil Yachty, Tierra Whack performing T.D (Visualizer). © 2020 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.



  • Lil Vampy
    Lil Vampy

    Yachty got the shortest verse 🤣🤣

  • Raymond Torres
    Raymond Torres

    When everyone does their part in a school project



  • Carolina _jkuwu
    Carolina _jkuwu


  • Meme Machine
    Meme Machine


  • Sick Boy
    Sick Boy

    "ft." more like "&" because all these "features" out-rapped Yachty

  • Zevulan

    who's the little black baby on my screen?

  • super predator
    super predator

    Tokyo drift beat this is fire


    Is this Tokyo Drift remix

  • caroline

    Tyler 🤝 Tierra

  • Den

    Features: Show their lyrical skills Lil Yachty: I'M IN THIS B**** LIKE AYY

  • cee breezy
    cee breezy

    Tierra 😩🙅🏽‍♀️

  • Christa Palmier
    Christa Palmier

    Go hard

  • toxic feelings
    toxic feelings


  • the homie bee
    the homie bee

    This shit go brazy

  • Kay_ dayoungan
    Kay_ dayoungan

    jid carried all of them

    • Akash Boinpally
      Akash Boinpally

      @Kay_ dayoungan Hahaha, yeah

    • Kay_ dayoungan
      Kay_ dayoungan

      @Akash Boinpally yes i just found out that wasn’t jid 😂😂 but yea she hard for that

    • Akash Boinpally
      Akash Boinpally

      Lmao Tierra Whack sounds so much like JID lol

  • La_Flame_RF92

    ↖️Tyler the beat↗️

  • Seb

    That clipping do be hurting my ears tho

  • historical

    Everybody on this song ranked from best to worst verse: 1. Tierra 2. Tyler 2. Rocky 4. Yachty

  • Dylan Rodriguez Angeles
    Dylan Rodriguez Angeles


  • OverCapacity

    Okay .. This is more then a Consequence .. I want my royalties for this .. God lives matter guys .. 😂

  • \\ JUPITER //
    \\ JUPITER //

    Oh shii I found the song



  • Dennis Lauritsen
    Dennis Lauritsen

    This sounds awful a lot like Wheres the blow

  • Treyveon Neal
    Treyveon Neal

    Tyler & Tierra should do a collab album

  • Textured Frog
    Textured Frog

    Tierra and jid sound so alixe somtimes.

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  • 99 Drillah
    99 Drillah

    Tiera Whack getting dough ? Didn’t realise she was getting kinda famous


    TYLER 😏

  • lukasace

    Sorry tyler doesn’t belong on this


    lil yachty is acc so ass like rocky, tyler, tierra hard carry this

  • Brandyn Therwanger
    Brandyn Therwanger

    Why's Yaghty the worst part of this song?

  • mr.wetwipes tv
    mr.wetwipes tv

    Haha Tokyo drift wepa lol

  • nick Giuliano
    nick Giuliano

    No cap every verse was ass except Tyler’s.

  • Hailey Cousino
    Hailey Cousino

    i think tyler did the best in this ngl

  • VS V
    VS V

    Big boy gat

  • EastSaint269


  • Michael Martinez
    Michael Martinez

    Some people don't like this track but I will always come back to this banger 🤧😎🔥

  • Victor Canche
    Victor Canche

    Lil yachty got Carried

  • Legal G
    Legal G

    I thought that was J.I.D lol

  • ʜ ʏ ᴘ ᴇ ʙ ᴇ ᴀ s ᴛ ‎ ʟ ɪ s ᴀ
    ʜ ʏ ᴘ ᴇ ʙ ᴇ ᴀ s ᴛ ‎ ʟ ɪ s ᴀ

    Tierra’s verse is addicting

  • Kaneohe Boyz
    Kaneohe Boyz

    tierra snapped wym

  • Christian Gutierrez
    Christian Gutierrez


  • Jonny Lawless
    Jonny Lawless

    Yo this shit go hard as fuck.

  • mastertrey

    Tyler went back to 2012 for a second

  • Young Currie
    Young Currie

    When tyler raps like this its a good day for everyone

  • S C D K x N G 5 7
    S C D K x N G 5 7

    Tyler still obsessed with the boy lol

  • Joseph Rubio
    Joseph Rubio


  • Rowan Mckenna
    Rowan Mckenna

    Back to the bandoe, I Tokyo drift like the sample,🎵 When shit wasn't so sweet and so simple, When it was just churches and candles, 🎵

  • Tony Rebel
    Tony Rebel

    No one: Not a soul: Mr Ray: Alright Nemo now where do you live? Lil Boat: 0:17 IMMANEEDME

  • h o t s p i c y
    h o t s p i c y

    The best is kind of annoying xd

  • Petrarca

    Though that's JID

  • Carlos V
    Carlos V

    Im in dis bitch like AYYYYYY

  • Trapo Miller
    Trapo Miller

    “ Had to clean the Trunk out to put ya *MOM INNA BACK* Cops pull me over, they don’t know ya *MOM INNA BACK* “ *WHACK WENT BRAZY*

  • Daragh Brownrigg
    Daragh Brownrigg

    Tyler performed 9/10

  • Sabta Riy
    Sabta Riy

    Its more like a freakin freestyle

  • Lorenzo Boschi
    Lorenzo Boschi


  • Big juicy Daddy
    Big juicy Daddy

    Damn this shit lit ngl🔥🔥🔥

  • Blaze Blaze
    Blaze Blaze

    This slaps yooo good shit

  • shearea jefferson
    shearea jefferson

    Wow I love tyler and tierra whack just them together then asap and lilboat together

  • Jenipher Rose
    Jenipher Rose

    Tyler smash.

  • Вячеслав магу
    Вячеслав магу

    Это вам не Моргенштерн

  • gray

    can anybody else hear the time warping on rocky's voice or is that just me


    I never thought these people would collab

  • Bloodeagle28

    This makes me want to tell my grandma im not hungry.

  • prod.808 AvE DJ
    prod.808 AvE DJ


  • Pontus Lerebäck
    Pontus Lerebäck


  • Assi J
    Assi J

    tierra went the hardest

  • C x f f i n マ ジ ン 会
    C x f f i n マ ジ ン 会

    Teirra sounds like the female jid

  • Suatt38

    I just skip Yatchy’s part

  • Jesse Mururia
    Jesse Mururia

    Damn dint notice its lil yatchys song💀😂 till his last part😂


    When they told Porky Pig to freestyle 😂0:17

  • YFN Hunt
    YFN Hunt

    she raps like jack Harlow, effortlessly

  • Shawn

    Tokyo drift

  • Chelsea Dillon
    Chelsea Dillon

    We need a real video for this! This is my favorite song on the album! Do love Flex Up & Pardon Me just as much though!

  • Breezy102

    I don’t know what the fuck y’all talking about this shit is fire and yatchy verse is the best

  • esk blacc
    esk blacc

    Does anyone noticed the sample from where's the blow by ski and pump 🔥🔥🔥

  • Brendan J
    Brendan J

    I thought Tierra was JID💀💀

  • XL Aaron
    XL Aaron

    i thought Tierra was JID💀💀

  • Riverlyn Frank
    Riverlyn Frank

    My hip hop dreams have been fulfilled

  • Janac Meena
    Janac Meena

    I went to your show and took little nap (Trash) That's why we not in the same bracket of tax

  • Venøm

    bruh til this day i thought jid was in this when i heard tierra's first few bars😲💀

  • The Boul Nate
    The Boul Nate

    Yachty really said "lookin so good, I might ride myself"

  • Smokee Wisdom
    Smokee Wisdom

    "If he don't got the whip, we do a walk by" - tierra whack

  • Boikanyo Onneng
    Boikanyo Onneng

    I love it when yatchy said " imanmnmnmanamn"

  • xantana

    [Chorus: Lil Yachty] Woah I'm in this bitch like ayy, damn I'm in this bitch like ayy (30, you a motherfucking fool, nigga) I'm in this bitch like ayy (Lil Boat) I'm in this bitch like ayy I'm in his bitch like ayy [Verse 1: Lil Yachty] I'ma need me a minute before I walk in, ayy I'ma need me a bitch before it turn ten, uh I'ma need me a front and backend, all cash stacked in Rappin' around town and I'm downtown Big boy gat, I don't back down Talkin' big shit, I got a sack now Fuckin' bad bitches, I'll blow a bitch back now (Fuck) [Chorus: Lil Yachty & A$AP Rocky] Woah I'm in this bitch like ayy, damn I'm in this bitch like ayy I'm in this bitch like ayy (Lil Boat) I'm in this bitch like ayy I'm in his bitch like ayy (Uh, I'm in his bitch) [Verse 2: A$AP Rocky] Back to the bando I Tokyo Drift like the sample When shit wasn't sweet and so simple When it was just churches and candles We ain't have no Turks and no Caicos (Nah) No fresh pedicure for the sandals (Nah) We learned how to pedal, no handles Back when we traveled, we trapped and we peddled right front of the Santos (Uh) Like who wanna match? I'm runnin' the maps I run it like laps, they runnin' in last I might overlap and won't double back 'cause my past is my past They all from my path and part on my back She wanted a bag, wanted some Raf Mines came with a name, hers came with some change We want the same thing, let's not get offtrack (Yeah, uh, uh) I'm up in that bitch skatin' (Skatin') My wrist alone is the Ritz, I'm sayin' (Bling) Super Saiyan blonde, her lacefront on (Uh) Nigga, don't make me wait too long (Yeah) Flippin' rates of that Grey Poupon I play you food for all My bitch watch VH-1, first sixty days, RuPaul She been around Tyler way too long [Verse 3: Tyler, The Creator] Um It's young T and he be that boy I talk death, but I don't like guns I talk love, but I don't got none They talk charts, but they don't got one You got a stage, then it's one-point-one for one hour Niggas came second to me, they so sour Had a slow climb, that's why they all doubt 'em And still came out on top, now that's power (Uh) Fuck they respect, I won't miss a step, I won't intercept The tip of my tongue, I still got my soul and still got the check like Bling, bling, bitch, I feel like Juvie Raw as fuck, bitch, I feel like sushi Watch Blank Face and feel like Groovy Neck lookin' like a thot in labor But it's goin' up like it's an escalator Boys goin' down like Titanic sailor Yachty here and him from Decatur Flacko freer than a Costco plate of them samples, nigga I'm ample, huh When that suit come on, I throw a tantrum (Hoo) That's Igor, Igor, he a hot potato Y'all small fries for example, nigga, um Don't run with the ride-a-long, nigga I'm a catalog, I'm a human Adderall Little ass bitch, nah, you ain't in my category Unicorn rare, better put a saddle on, nigga Y'all rappity-rap, y'all critically 'claimed, they gassin' you up I went to your show and took little nap (Trash) That's why we not in the same bracket of tax I'm that nigga, bitch [Verse 4: Tierra Whack] I did it all with the passion, I'm a god in this fashion Niggas tryna fit in with their arms in the jacket (Ugh) Had to pull myself together like it's all elastic Got the heart of a dragon, I'm a star, call me Patrick Heard the bitch was talkin' shit, so I caught him in traffic I'm the type to walk in your house and shit on your mattress (Slow down, you're spitting everywhere), ugh I'm good, you could take it all away (Yeah) I'm God, you follow me 'cause I know the way (God) I'm in Philly and we all fly (Huh) If we don't got the whip, we do the walk-by (Yee) On your new picture, we archive (Ugh) If we cross paths, leave you cross-eyed Had to slap a bitch, chose the wrong side (Ooh) Mob ties, bitch, you get hog-tied, you chose the wrong side Mrs. Whack, I love your flow, nobody rhymin' like that Had to clean out my trunk to put your mom in the back The cops pulled me over, they don't know your mom in the back Big Whack makin' niggas take permanent naps These hoes can't rap, they need a permanent pack I ain't fuckin' with you boys, need the cervical cap Okay, I'm bored Okay, I'm tired Sleepy, huh [Verse 5: Lil Yachty] Yeah, I don't wanna be like nobody else (Else) Lookin' so good, I might rob myself (Self) Realize I gotta hide the wealth (Wealth) Told bro it's okay to be rich and stealth (Yee) Twenty-two, I might go fuck a MILF (MILF) My two assistants both white as milk (Milk) Maybach, inside came soft as silk (Silk) Put a bitch on the molly, now she tilt This bitch been killed, built like a crushed can Makin' rap friends more sketch than a white van Billionaire Boat, more freedom than a white man Fuckin' on a bitch and she sound like a hype man Lookin' for a fly nigga, I'm what you type in (Go) Been counted out since I could count (Yes) Got a public and a private account (Yes) For my bank and not my Insta', bitch

  • Ryhoon

    “I Tokyo drift like the sample” * Plays motorcycle sounds

  • syk

    Fav song rn

  • Daxnel

    we need video for this shit

  • DumbFuck


  • Hot 4 Sua
    Hot 4 Sua

    He said look so good I might rob myself 😂😂😂 I thought he said look so good I might ride myself 🤣🤣🤣 I had to look up the lyrics like wait a damn minute

  • Kai Bills
    Kai Bills

    Tierra ate it up

  • Conke

    “Slow down you’re spitting everywhere”

  • Shayla Manning
    Shayla Manning

    Yachty suxs ass on his on song

  • Mr. Lightskin
    Mr. Lightskin

    Tokyo Drift's Lit🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • mandu babie
    mandu babie

    im obsessed with felicias part and tierra

  • mandu babie
    mandu babie

    one of the best collabs ever

  • bigmac375

    Tiera whack is fuckin terrible yo

  • Qurgyo

    This song is so underrated