Lil Yachty - Lemon Head (Visualizer)
Music video by Lil Yachty performing Lemon Head (Visualizer). © 2020 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • TrollJuggies

    beat sounds like a mario level song am i the only one 🤔

    • TrollJuggies

      the one with purple water with the moving worms 🤣

  • Ignacio Matteoli
    Ignacio Matteoli


  • D8production

    Straight up the only Banger on the Album frffr

  • Gavin caywood
    Gavin caywood

    ayoo this underrated asf

  • JELITE26

    Absolute heat

  • What are Looking at?
    What are Looking at?

    This guys sucks, idk why he tries so hard to stay relevant!

    • Mike Orsini
      Mike Orsini

      Why tf u here then😹

  • Lucas R
    Lucas R

    this song not only best on album but like a top 5 yachty song ever ngl. where tf the views at

  • xxgamingxx

    Needs a music video

  • David Vieira
    David Vieira

    Lil yachty as an artist is UNDERATED. death brings attention life brings hate.

  • The Wrestling Nerd 18
    The Wrestling Nerd 18

    This tape is better then his debut tape

  • Ian Melton
    Ian Melton

    i just realized this is the same beat on emotionally scarred by lil baby

  • Javimars

    Song goes so hard!

  • MostDopeJay

    This is the final lil boat album I just realized that

  • Emojidawg :O
    Emojidawg :O

    I wish he could rap louder than the beat

  • Spiritual Von Knows Best
    Spiritual Von Knows Best

    Lil Yachty is slept on still

  • bro Alex
    bro Alex


  • Fetty Boy
    Fetty Boy


  • okaepat

    True yachty fans know his best songs are his lesser known ones

  • What are Looking at?
    What are Looking at?

    Bru no wonder this song sounds familiar its the same beat as lil mosey’s

    • Ian Dante
      Ian Dante

      It’s a similar chord progression. And this beat is very different 😂.

    • What are Looking at?
      What are Looking at?

      @Henry Williams greet her, well kinda not that much

    • Henry Williams
      Henry Williams

      what song??

  • anhdrw

    Ok -

  • Pm Quel
    Pm Quel

    Best song

  • psychambi

    best song in albumn

  • charlie weiler
    charlie weiler

    Most slept on song on the album

  • Dalton Potter26
    Dalton Potter26

    LIL BOAT 🚣‍♀️

  • Lexa

    K swisha 🔥🔥

  • beth on meth
    beth on meth

    Tiktokers fresh fish😆

  • beth on meth
    beth on meth

    Best intro 🔥🔥🔥🔥🌈🦅

  • Amir Shams
    Amir Shams

    He need another single to bring em back up .... not like he ever fell, he jus fixing the boat for now

  • Thompson Mavunga
    Thompson Mavunga

    its impossible for me to go a day without listening to this album🙌


    This 🔥 lil boat the best

  • Kody Gums
    Kody Gums


  • Leonid Penev
    Leonid Penev

    This shit lowkey 🔥🔥🔥

  • William Gibu
    William Gibu


  • Sheriff Too RAW
    Sheriff Too RAW


  • Victor Marin
    Victor Marin

    Real fans know the first lemon head song ,

  • Tadiwa Chopamba
    Tadiwa Chopamba

    Man these 15 sec ads pissing me off delaying me from listening to this fire


    Lord cartier would smashed this though

  • Joe Shmoe
    Joe Shmoe

    damn wtf happened to yachty, he gotta be blacklisted or some shit.

  • NsmaRasiim !
    NsmaRasiim !

    Me casually watching a pappi q vid

  • Argel Lara
    Argel Lara


  • QueQue

    so fucking underated

  • LoFiBoy 733
    LoFiBoy 733

    99k views this is disrespectful bc this song is straight flames

  • iced tokey
    iced tokey

    Straight fire

  • Elisa Haven
    Elisa Haven

    no nice

  • Jean Paul
    Jean Paul

    lol lol lol

  • Scarlet Harmison
    Scarlet Harmison


  • micheal faraday
    micheal faraday


  • Manuel Avila
    Manuel Avila

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  • Kemuri no ō
    Kemuri no ō


  • Kemuri no ō
    Kemuri no ō


  • Kemuri no ō
    Kemuri no ō


  • Bigg.Vito


  • ayoovib3

    Who else think Travis Scott would be dope on this?

  • Boipelo M
    Boipelo M

    This song is underrated. The producer went hard and Yachty riding the best so smooth 😅

    • Joshua Oliver
      Joshua Oliver


  • Alejandro DiMarco
    Alejandro DiMarco

    feel good song

  • Alejandro DiMarco
    Alejandro DiMarco

    so underrated

  • blissfull

    If this is what you need to sound like to get famous why am i not famous yet wtf, i can do autistic screeching too.

  • providr

    this is next level

  • josue fermin
    josue fermin

    Indont think he ido underrated chill, now yes delivering quality shit lets see what happen from now i tell u what he Gon be

  • LitKidBeats

    bring the old yachty back 🔥 give us some happy vibes please :D

  • Jhood

    This go hard

  • Fernando Espinoza
    Fernando Espinoza

    Check out my lemon head edit!

  • YungSnotRocket

    just wait till people make tiktoks to this song & it won't be slept on anymore

  • YungSnotRocket

    ya ya ya ya ya yaaaeaaaeehhaaaaaaaa

  • ocrammas09

    How this beat sound like an actual lemon tho?🤔

    • Leewan

      Thats what I thought, crazy crazy bro

    • Milanche

      Finna walk over this beat like a pedestrian 🏃

  • 14tomm

    This is better than oprah’s bank account wtf

  • Ronald Mata
    Ronald Mata

    The beat go off fr

  • sprint saver
    sprint saver

    I love this track

  • Lil Duster
    Lil Duster


  • Medge Marcel
    Medge Marcel

    lil yachty fell off bad

  • Don memo
    Don memo

    Yuuhhh song gets me lit asf

  • RayRayNoBones

    Damn rip to yachtys career this shit 50k views 😂😂😂😂

  • BrunoCarti

    nice flow

  • Parker

    Lil yatchy u never fail to make feel good music that is amazing fr🥵🔥🔥🔥 U need to come to Seattle for a concert i saw u in Oregon during teenage emotions tour

  • Tory Eaze
    Tory Eaze

    After comparing statistics, I'm glad that smokepurpp is doing decent numbers Guess you cant sell your soul forever

  • ms808_

    The Beat🔥

  • WieruX


  • vlone_socold

    Lil yachty do a feature with me u will not regret it cus I'll prolly out pimp u sorry not sorry doe

  • jackboiiLivin

    Best Beat on the album

  • TheJediSoldier 1995
    TheJediSoldier 1995

    I would like to see how he would get treated around snoop tupac and B.I.G in the 90s.. I like LY for his personality but his music isn't for me .

  • Cole Phillips
    Cole Phillips

    Need that music video frl.

  • Patrick Severe
    Patrick Severe

    1:20 Introducing Baby Boat

  • Davids Garage
    Davids Garage

    I fuck wit Yatchy

  • EndGame E.g
    EndGame E.g

    EndGame stay home be protected home 💯💯💯

  • Yk KennyYT
    Yk KennyYT


  • Ayaan Ahmed
    Ayaan Ahmed

    Too much auto tune

  • Brandon Luna
    Brandon Luna

    Who remembers when he got millions of views

    • Lil ugly ski mask slump boat vert
      Lil ugly ski mask slump boat vert

      still does

  • Fernando Espinoza
    Fernando Espinoza

    Check out my lemon head edit gang ❤️⛵️

  • Jah C
    Jah C

    This not even lil yatchy plus its garbage

  • ely elliott
    ely elliott

    How tf is there only 24k views in 4 days?!

  • anonymousbeast1234

    I like this song

  • dem1an d
    dem1an d

    Cool song

  • Rythm DaRypzta
    Rythm DaRypzta


  • Tommy A’li
    Tommy A’li


  • Lowkiddow

    Lil yachty knows beyblade?? cool

  • D.K SmXle•wav
    D.K SmXle•wav

    I made a New song

  • Catalin89

    I feel juice wrld in these vibes & flow 😀


      Fr i always felt like they connected in a way back in day they was friends and still are RIP JWRLD

  • 朱育賢

    Like rhythm

  • respect everybody no hate
    respect everybody no hate

    Bro this the guy who was in super bowl commercial and he has 11k views damn what happened

  • Aaron Hill
    Aaron Hill

    Fire asf this shit hits different

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