Lil Yachty - Pardon Me (Visualizer) ft. Future, Mike WiLL Made-It
Music video by Lil Yachty performing Pardon Me (Visualizer). © 2020 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • Travanti Wilson
    Travanti Wilson

    Future ate this shit🔥

  • princess Israel
    princess Israel

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ my jam

  • Laila


  • Trippy Martinez
    Trippy Martinez

    I'm need new speakers after this one 👽


    Future:*whistles* when the birds 🐦🎶 5 min later.... lil yatchy starts singing 🐦 Future:*whistles* once more the birds🐦 🕺 💃

  • Sailor’s Moon Angel
    Sailor’s Moon Angel

    0:23 when my mom said we got food at home but then drives to McDonald’s

  • Bending Spoons
    Bending Spoons


  • Bending Spoons
    Bending Spoons


  • Neva Lackin
    Neva Lackin


  • James Murray
    James Murray

    pradon que le digo pradon que le digo

  • fjrmister


  • Matías Badilla
    Matías Badilla

    this shit slaps asf

  • Money Man
    Money Man


  • OTF_Mowgs

    lil yachty is actually underrated asf

  • Courtney Rice
    Courtney Rice


  • Luis Eduardo de Jesús Polo Del Pino
    Luis Eduardo de Jesús Polo Del Pino

    Future: spittin' in whistles. Birds: *S E N S A T I O N A L*

  • Amanda Marcelle
    Amanda Marcelle

    My question is why is he whistling

  • Curtjeezy

    Future went crazy

  • DedBotz

    When need more like this and demon time👍🏽👍🏽

  • Ajamu Hetep
    Ajamu Hetep

    Swag King stay turn up .

  • Speak Please
    Speak Please

    Why this visualizer look like im on the home screen of a movie

  • владислав шпилевой
    владислав шпилевой

    за чет

  • John Vlahos
    John Vlahos


  • Ashish Hamza
    Ashish Hamza

    Haters will say even future's whistle was autotuned.

  • Fransisco Perez
    Fransisco Perez

    Homie got delt with this song playing Chicago

  • Kidd Quinn
    Kidd Quinn

    Here since my boy yak out💯

  • Suad Steed
    Suad Steed

    Donald J Trump is the greatest president of all times where we go one we go all Qanon phenomenon

  • Suad Steed
    Suad Steed

    Pardon me President Trump where we go one we go all Qanon -phenomenon

  • Ropafadzo Ziwani
    Ropafadzo Ziwani



    I came back from the gulag to hear a boat and a bird rap?

  • Tasha Loves Food
    Tasha Loves Food

    TikTok got ahold of this song lmaoooo

  • - H
    - H

    1:59 thank me later...


    I’m listening to this joint for the first day of 2021

  • bro Alex
    bro Alex


  • RLeeDeadpool

    This is more of futures song then lil Yachty’s

  • Keeobe

    Future really said “🐦” 1:54

  • AngelLuvsvids2015

    Lmao he can barely whistle the rest of it in Autotune😅😭🤣

  • Golden

    Tiktokers come here for 1:54

  • 66NotFunny

    1:55 thank me later

  • JJ J
    JJ J

    @Jordan one thing u have to realise is that I am not perfect and I was a Christian , I don't whether I was Christian ,

  • JJ J
    JJ J

    believe in jesus Christ , repent and surrender Ur life to him before it is too late

  • JJ J
    JJ J

    Give your life to Jesus Christ 🙏 , I am saying because I know the truth , I don't want you to go to hell plsss , repent your sins now and believe in him , your sins are forgiven bec of his crucifixion at Calvary , u can go to heaven because of him . Believe and repent . He will heal the broken hearts , if u have tiktok account, search for Jacob coyens or david latting . Pls listen to me one time , maybe this is ur last day or last time to hear this , have faith in him by grace ur saved .

  • Zac Zamora
    Zac Zamora

    Nice steal from Future. Annoying fucking intro.

  • batuhan saglam
    batuhan saglam


  • Among Sus cap
    Among Sus cap

    Came here from tiktok

    • Luciano Rodrigues
      Luciano Rodrigues

      Get out tiktoker

    • Orzech

      🤨 tf is wrong with mfs to put this on their fake seizure attack they call 'dancing'

  • Garrison Evans
    Garrison Evans


  • Dazz05

    Yachty and future straight 🔥 💯

  • Xxkareem Xx
    Xxkareem Xx

    Future whistle better the megan three the stalion whole career

  • Fʟʏ Lɪᴍᴀ
    Fʟʏ Lɪᴍᴀ

    Mike Will got a lotta hits but his best songs will always be the ones with Future

  • Trinity Suarez
    Trinity Suarez

    Mane forget dugg future whistle is everything 😍

  • Josh Jeffries
    Josh Jeffries

    Am the only one who Lenarr put on this song 😂

  • Harshleen Kaur
    Harshleen Kaur

    just here for future

  • THE V I L L E
    THE V I L L E

    Future communicating with the bird in the trap singing Mcknight:

  • First Name
    First Name

    Shoutout LaGrange

  • lena is the imposter
    lena is the imposter

    me looking up this song : i'm like * whistle noises * she like * whistle noises * future

  • Sam Gutierrez
    Sam Gutierrez

    This nigga future speakin to da birds! He on a whole other level. “Whistle”!

  • armaan siddiqi
    armaan siddiqi

    Why is no one talking bout Mike's SICKKKKKKK beat?

  • armaan siddiqi
    armaan siddiqi

    This is value for a feature

  • Tec9 Z
    Tec9 Z

    We all came for 1:55

  • armaan siddiqi
    armaan siddiqi

    lil yachty: this is my song future: pardon me?

  • question mark???
    question mark???

    This better then bank acount that song was trash

  • DBR _lamar205
    DBR _lamar205


  • itachi sensei
    itachi sensei

    it feels like this is missing something.... hmmm uzi maybe?

  • Fabion Coston
    Fabion Coston

    The part you came here for 1:55

  • Stephanie J.
    Stephanie J.

    The beat tho🔥

  • Ray Jordan
    Ray Jordan

    Just listened to this whole album on spotify tonight. Best album by yachty whole thang fire😈

  • Octavia Harden
    Octavia Harden

    If lil yachty and future made a remix it would have been fire

  • Junior

    Imagine if Juice was on this 😭🔥

  • Gus Lanford
    Gus Lanford

    "Im bouta shit on the beat"

  • Kevin Mitchell
    Kevin Mitchell

    They killed it, no lie

  • Tudor Cristian
    Tudor Cristian

    i know u r here for this 1:58

  • R33C3

    Who’s here because the guy on tiktok with the tiny glasses 👓 😂

  • 7w4c

    1:57 go crazyyyy

  • baby kj Huncho
    baby kj Huncho

    Nobody: Future: whistles Girls: 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊


    Hmmmm I like the lyrics of lil yachty

  • Brayden Bachlott
    Brayden Bachlott

    Future always comes in clutch with the weird sounds

  • Chip the Duck
    Chip the Duck


  • BiggucciEx

    Bruh the visuals went way to hard🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😳😳😳🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Cløud

    Future part was fire asf no cap. Yachty did his shit too🤙🏾🤙🏾

  • Cameron Morris
    Cameron Morris

    Future didn’t have to go this hard

  • Conequa Dollar
    Conequa Dollar

    Peppa was pissed when she heard Future verse 😭

  • Cosmo Gamer
    Cosmo Gamer

    how tf is a quiet lowkey whistle the hardest shit put on a beat this year

  • YBC runt
    YBC runt

    The whistles In this song makes 42 dugg cry

  • lil messer
    lil messer

    Can’t believe people say lil yachty fell off

  • YBC runt
    YBC runt

    Uzi should remix this


    Yachty ate 1:15 to the end of his verse

  • sweg lel
    sweg lel

    Juice Wrld really missed this song 🥺☹️

  • help me
    help me

    Future - whistles in autotune Birds - 😤💯🔥

  • Avery Romero
    Avery Romero

    Pardon me

  • Javin Floyd
    Javin Floyd

    They both went crazy on this 🔥

  • YouTube_ Knot Normal
    YouTube_ Knot Normal

    Why future have the voice cracks 😂

  • Bori Loco
    Bori Loco

    Song goes so hard, blow a cop brains out 🤣🔪👮‍♂️

  • Young B Brown
    Young B Brown

    Got me feeling like I can pull off the Pacific standard heist in real 🤣🤣

  • Jarod Davis
    Jarod Davis

    This shit go hard af future is the goat

  • Cloud Taylor
    Cloud Taylor

    Pahden me gah eggo'n me fewt

  • xNoScopeMLK

    Whoever told future to whistle on the beat needs to be acknowledged

  • zoey schlapman
    zoey schlapman

    1:42 and after is what your waiting for the whole song

  • Fatboichroniclez

    Future went STUPIDDD on this😵😵😵

  • Stepha Holic
    Stepha Holic

    Yatchty shouldnt have used the auto tune and needed to deepen his voice. Future bodied doe. That’s my only complaint good song coulda just been betta

  • Kulzlzupt