Lil Yachty - Asshole ft. Oliver Tree (Official Video)
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Lil Yachty & Oliver Tree - "Asshole" Lyrics
[Chorus: Oliver Tree]
Why you such an asshole?
Why you gotta act up?
Why you gotta try so hard every day, though?
I don't fuck with you in that way, though
Why you such an asshole?
[Verse 1: Lil Yachty]
You woke up on the wrong side of the bed
Blamin' me for shit I didn't do, that's incorrect
I'ma tippy-toe right out your life, you do me wrong
Ain't finna keep puttin' up with all that disrespect
You took the top off of the Rolls
On the wind, fightin' sun, let your hair blow
That's with me, before you had me, you was nothin'
So why you actin' like it's beef when it's not, though?
Bags I bought, the trunk we stuffed, you love it
Understand no other man gon' love you
Spoiled brat, you super spoiled
Actin' like you came from oil
You was broke before you met me
I was broke before I had this
Need to stop with all the madness
Actin' like you got a damn chance
[Chorus: Oliver Tree & Lil Yachty]
Why you such an asshole? (Oh, oh, Lil Boat)
Why you gotta act up?
Why you gotta try so hard every day, though?
I don't fuck with you in that way, though
Why you such an asshole?
[Verse 2: Lil Yachty]
But if you go broke, don't you dare go call me
I tried so hard just to make you love me
Smile in my face when I know you're phony
Play it so cool, but you got me anxious
Skin like gold, but your heart so dangerous
If I am not him, why don't you just tell me?
Tried to pay for your love, but you just won't sell me
Lost in love
I shouldn't wanna chase you no more
I can't really take it no more
Honestly, your energy is poor
Piss poor, piss poor
It's like you don't care anymore
How did I not notice this before?
[Chorus: Oliver Tree & Lil Yachty]
Why you such an asshole?
Why you gotta act up?
Why you gotta try so hard every day, though? (Every day)
I don't fuck with you in that way, though (No)
Why you such an asshole?
#LilYacthy #OliverTree #Asshole

  • Typomumbo

    aspect ratio on point.

  • Salz [¿]
    Salz [¿]


  • AirheadMachine

    Ali Vegas - "these dudes played 'over a barrel'' and are figuratively and literally leeching off each other." debauchery Rituals ⛧

  • Patriotic Dandelions
    Patriotic Dandelions

    This is funny! 😂 I was looking up the version of "Asshole" by Jimmy Buffett and this came up. 🌟666 🙌🏽 /Ğ\ 🙌🏽 666🌟

  • Christian Portillo
    Christian Portillo

    guys goguardian says it has the word "fuck"

  • AlexUrBoi

    Featuring Oliver Tree? Didn’t expect to see that

  • GFK

    This goes to errrry Karen out there

  • Diego Moreno
    Diego Moreno

    Lil boat parts gave me juice wrld vibes

  • WhyGamingWhy

    I hate autotune. No skill involved. Shame people like that get famous when those with actual skill go unnoticed. Why would I want to listen to a robot ?

    • Anakyn Gray
      Anakyn Gray

      @Patriotic Dandelions or they just got lucky 🤔😐

    • Patriotic Dandelions
      Patriotic Dandelions

      Here's a hint why people get famous: 666 /Ğ\ 666

    • Lucas

      Ok edgelord

  • Alex Losolla
    Alex Losolla

    I love your songs I listen to them every day

  • Zaxtap

    the man

  • Floris van den Heuvel
    Floris van den Heuvel

    This is actually really good

  • svrender

    Brih this need to be a bigger song its so good

  • LiL Metti
    LiL Metti

    Yachty fireeeee yaaaaaa🔥🔥🔥

  • Braden Smith
    Braden Smith

    i love the gun wall in this video!!!

  • Patriotic Dandelions
    Patriotic Dandelions

    I like yachts. 🧜🏿‍♂️

  • Not_Henrik

    Oliver made Yachty change back to his old self in this kinda dope.

  • Aaron Kay
    Aaron Kay

    we're still doing auto-tune? fuck...

    • Patriotic Dandelions
      Patriotic Dandelions

      Isn't it AYGay? 🧚🏿‍♀️

  • HutsuOfficial Music
    HutsuOfficial Music

    my girlfriend bring me here :O XOXO

  • Lil ReFlex
    Lil ReFlex

    so lil boat can ear when his jewel hits something but not a fucking spy singing right on top of him

  • Murder

    dude this goes hard

  • Raydon Merby
    Raydon Merby

    this song would have been better if adam levine sang the chorus

  • killabmal

    why oliver get hurt all the time

  • Brandon 74
    Brandon 74

    dope just dope

  • Seivian R
    Seivian R

    Old yachty lesssssssss goooooooooo

  • Aydendemenace

    Yachty had me vibing

  • 11KC

    Oliver tree and Lil yachty do not sound good together their vibes clash so hard

  • matthew rodriquez
    matthew rodriquez

    ayye firrre

  • Syd Horel
    Syd Horel

    Who else realized this is the same place where the music video for Wish by Trippie Redd was filmed?

  • donney2shoes

    why this house remind me of the villian from dispicable me 2

  • Aracella Ramos
    Aracella Ramos

    This is FIRE~~~ omg. All I need is a collab between Oliver and Joji and I'll die happy xD

  • Aryan Bhogle
    Aryan Bhogle

    LOL this vid is so cool music is also lit Oliver tree is so good !!

  • Eloc Nosaj
    Eloc Nosaj

    I seen the collab coming, they are both awesome goofballs.

  • Isaac Myers
    Isaac Myers

    Lil yachty......this the one stay in this lane for a bit

  • Vintage Pyro
    Vintage Pyro

    I discovered Tree early last year...... felt like I had been missing something in my life and this was it 😂 why he isnt played more is beyond me. It isnt PC but IT IS REAL MUSIC.

  • Kr2n

    I like it.

  • CF Vlogs
    CF Vlogs

    Where's Baylen?

  • Tyrel


  • Gravitics

    They be like fuck 16:9 aspect ratio... we doing 26:4

  • berger21488

    Lil Yachty wearin what i can imagine is a suit from cam newton's closet

  • Jancu


  • Bill Jones
    Bill Jones

    I hope he doesn't continue to work with "characters", it's beneath him. schticks get tired


    Too much autotune

  • Malice

    hello my name is dylan and my beats are lit

    • Otis Beats
      Otis Beats


  • germ

    all of his videos look the same, needs to switch up his style a lil more

  • EL


  • Robert Cantrell
    Robert Cantrell

    Weak sauce ,,,,This has nothing to do with hip hop...

    • Arrow Bro
      Arrow Bro

      You woke up on the wrong side of the bed

  • XluNixF4!

    lil yacthy always dropping bangers

  • Taylor Villegas
    Taylor Villegas

    This song actually good

  • Mieljoven

    this good ya'll look old tho

  • j4yd3n m4h44
    j4yd3n m4h44

    I love oliver tree I’m happy he is finally getting big

  • Andrew

    lil yachty: im gonna ruin this man whole career

  • LuvQuez


  • Beachboytyler

    The fish eye camera reminded me of a Busta Rhymes music video. I fw this.

  • Jacob Decker
    Jacob Decker

    lil yachty looks like r6s new op

  • Skyler Cabrello
    Skyler Cabrello

    This song and “Love Me” by Lukaz are literally the only two things getting me through quarantine, thank god for music! I love you

  • BoomShakaLaka

    Everything Oliver touches is golden

  • scndls1

    im glad boat is falling of hes literal trash

  • 3 6 5
    3 6 5

    this is garbage

  • KawaiiBlossoms

    my boi used the minecraft door noise

  • M L
    M L

    are people sleeping on this tho lol

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    charlie willy wonk wants his suite back LMAO

  • 1800 Productions
    1800 Productions

    yall takin bout old yachty lmao.. he just elevated his sound yall its called growth.

  • JoLoco

    Lil yatchy looks like Black Willy wonka

  • Intangible

    Wait why isn't Baylen Levine in this music video he should be in the background or sm

  • do you mind?
    do you mind?

    Melanie: D-O-L-L-H-O-U-S-E Oliver: A-S-S-H-O-L-E

    • LosInTheCan


  • Seshen

    Oliver tree “vvyyy you such an arse hole”

  • Skateforever 999
    Skateforever 999

    Imagine juice Wrld in this song

    • Savage Wraith
      Savage Wraith

      Yeah.... I always wanted a Juice and Peep track. Or Juice and X. Or Juice alnd Oliver. Or Juice and Joji. Shit is sad. Glad I got Yachty and Oliver though. Yachty underrated af. He's got such a good voice and flow. Ski too

  • yesify

    the fact that Oliver Tree can pull that look of is just amazing

  • Slamtron

    Best yachty song in awhile

  • Mr. Oddly Fox
    Mr. Oddly Fox

    wiiiide screen

  • マジン会

    This reminds me of Vector stealing the shrink ray

  • Josh Przybocki
    Josh Przybocki

    Best song of 2021 so relatable

  • Michael Wood
    Michael Wood

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  • Realez TheBeast
    Realez TheBeast

    Lil Yachty, how much autotune would you like? Lil Yachty - YES!

    • Golden Guy
      Golden Guy


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    Marcos Velazquez

    The collab we didn't know would happen but we needed it

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    Dad Plays Games

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    Рустам Гильманшин

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    Julian Alcanzaren

    This is the yachty I know. Random but fun.

  • kruminio

    I love how before it even says directed by Oliver tree you just tell its directed by him

  • Robert Rodriguez
    Robert Rodriguez

    D O P E

  • JPcopter

    You made a spelling mistake on the name of the vid. It's Oliver Tree feat Lil Yatchy

  • Corey j
    Corey j

    Hate auto tune artists.

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    FaZe Thrasher

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    Z P

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  • Neal M.
    Neal M.

    yachty trash pop music, guy begging for a hit

  • collin Fowler
    collin Fowler

    This is a GREAT ASS SONG

  • Real Earning Apps
    Real Earning Apps


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    judged by time

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    Requiem FPS


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    DaBul Dabz

    The start to the second verse got me

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    seth geist

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